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Custom rub on transfers, custom Letraset, rub down transfers, dry rub down lettering, Chromatec and Hotstamp foil transfers plus other reprographic printing and proofing services.

26 years of experience creating custom rub on transfers, color proofs, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage packaging mockups, comps and heros.

Custom Transfers can be created in almost any color including exact Pantone® color matches, metallics, hotstamp foils, pearlescents, fluorescents and custom color matches. Colors that Inkjet or Laser printers just can’t reproduce.

Mockups, sales samples, replicas, factices, movie, stage and photography props are some of the many uses for rub on transfers.


Custom Dry Transfers can be used to create packaging where a print can not be used because of the shape of the container.
A common example would be tubes such as cosmetic creams and lotions.

Industrial Designers

use rub down transfers to add graphics and lettering to their prototypes. The custom transfers might be used to identify the power switch, input and output controls or just to add a full color logo.

Model Makers

spend many hours building and creating highly realistic and faithful reproductions. Transfers can reproduce small text and multi color graphics such as flags and insignias that are opaque and have a superior appearance to that of water slide decals.

Color Proofs

most color proofing systems can not replicate hotstamp foil. Creating and applying a hotstamp transfer to a standard color proof is a quick and economical solution.


custom transfers can be created to mask and or correct errors and misprints.


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